5 Communication Strategies That Increase Employee Engagement

Employees and volunteers are an important part, if not the most important part, of your business. If you want your business to succeed, these people 5 Communication Strategies That Increase Employee Engagementare the key. So, if you’re working on a plan for  2018, engaging staff and clearly communicating what you want to achieve is critical.

“Engage early and often.”

Hold team or regional meetings face-to-face or use video or web conferencing.

During these meetings, you can share your plan and staff can ask questions. After these discussions, share a one-page summary. These summaries reinforce the discussion and serve as a future reminder of the plan priorities. Workers juggle multiple projects and priorities and get several, sometimes competing, messages. It’s important to be clear, allow for discussion, and follow up.

Give people a way to reach out to you.

It could be as simple as an email address for people to contact you or monthly coffee-breaks. Too often there a this top-down communications approach in business and people feel like they aren’t given the opportunity to have input or share their concerns. This feeling is frustrating for employees and it’s a factor in employee turnover. Even before the plan is complete consult with staff to get their ideas, find out what works or doesn’t work, and allow them to feel part of the process from beginning, middle, and end.

Tailor your message for your audience.

The language or examples you use would be different for your leadership team and your frontline staff. It’s because you have to give examples that relate to them, personally, and what they do every day. If you don’t, they won’t understand their role in the delivery of the plan.

Provide regular business updates.

Staff will appreciate the time you invest in connecting with them throughout the year, not just when you have to. They may in turn, invest more time and effort themselves.

Engage them early and often.

You want your employees and volunteers to start and end each work day clear on what it is they need to do to support the business. And they need to know how important they are in helping the business succeed. This will help create a more positive working environment, one where people want to be a part of every day.


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