Top 5 Tips on Getting the Most out of Your iPhone Video

Once you’ve got the handle on composition the next step is actually filming video. Let’s talk about shooting on your iPhone. Here are 5 tips to help achieve the best look for your iPhone video.

Top 5 Tips on Getting the Most out of Your iPhone Video

  1. Rotate your phone horizontally before hitting record. This allows you to have more editing options with your video. Video also looks much better horizontally.  TV screens and computer monitors are built for horizontal video. However, shooting vertically has its purpose if you’re shooting only for social media platforms.
  2. Use a tripod. The newer iPhone has optical image stabilization but nothing beats a good old tripod.  If you can’t use a tripod or the situation doesn’t allow it, try resting your elbows on something stationary like a desk or an object that is firmly in place.  If none of these are options available, keep the phone close to your body and use your body to absorb shakes and movement.
  3. Digital Zoom. A lot of phones these days come with an impressive digital zoom but try avoiding using it wherever possible.  Move closer to the subject. Stick with optical zoom, which is a true lens like you would see on digital cameras.  Digital zoom just crops and enlarges the image once it has already been captured.
  4. Audio. If you are using the internal microphone from the iPhone make sure the area is quiet. And free from distracting sounds.  Get close to your subject for better sound quality.  If your framing does not allow you to get close try using a second phone as a recording device and lay the audio in during editing. Ideally, you’d have an external microphone for your iPhone. There are many good, affordable microphones available.
  5. Exposure lock.  The iPhone has a great feature that allows you to lock your exposure and focus.  Without activating the exposure lock, the iPhone tends to automatically focus and refocus while recording.  This can be handy if you are filming movement and not locked on a shot. If you are using a tripod and the subject is in one spot the focus and refocus can cause the video to be jittery.

Now with these tips you are all set to shoot a great video on your iPhone!

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