How Do You Become Camera-Ready?

How to become camera-ready for your next business video

Getting Ready

Overall, the key goal for participants is to be the best version of their true self. The way to do this is to be prepared and relaxed when recording.  Participants should think to themselves, “I am happy to be here,” and do their best to enjoy the moment. If you’re on camera talking about a serious subject reflect the tone of the subject. It is important not to rush or be distracted by any negative thoughts which could translate on video. The camera reads even the subtlest of facial expressions and body language, so it’s important for facial expression and body language to match the positive message of the video.


Participants should dress appropriate to the environment and wear what they normally wear. As a general rule, solid colours and/or simple patterns work well. Busy clothing patterns can be distracting. Avoid clothing with logos or slogans as this will be distracting and will also endorse something altogether different than the intended purpose of the video.Your business brand or logo is perfectly acceptable to wear.

Please avoid dangling earrings or large jewelry pieces as they can distract the viewer or make noise. Eyeglasses are fine, but if possible, wear contact lenses or take glasses off during recording in order to avoid the risk of distracting glare from lights appearing on eyeglass lenses. If removing glasses is uncomfortable, then by all means wear glasses as normal. Being comfortable and appearing as “the real you” is most important.

Camera-Ready Hair & Make Up

Men don’t have to wear make-up, but it is recommended. If women are comfortable or if they normally wear make-up, it is recommended they do so. For both, wearing a bit of foundation or powder eliminates facial shine in the video. Hair of course should be tidy and men should be clean-shaven or have their beards/mustaches trimmed.

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